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  • Elizza Elitta


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    September 15, 2005



    English, Bahasa Melayu




  • About Me

    • Singer : James Arthur

    • Documentary

    • As an avid reader it could be anything as long as i can read it.

    • Sports? I dont know..but I do like games -sudoku, chess.

    • Dear all, Pls... do not send me any kind of 18sx.. I DONT LIKE it and I HATE it.... if u r not some sort of dumb ass person i think u know exactly how to put and show some respect to others..otherwise..i'm afraid that i hv to block u from my friends list..forever n ever... tq..hv a nice day!

    • Again, i really dont want anything related to 18sx publish here. stop ur sexual harassment in my page.. so pls behave. stop transgresses n put some manner with respect. thank u for listen to this. for those who r not. well, what can I do to someone who have a head but without a brain. simply say, your corrupted mind wasnt easy to mend by reading this.