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  • Jovanny A Rodriguez

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    Life flows. Don't run on it, flow on it. jar

    May 11, 2009



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  • About Me

    • All Kinds

    • All Kinds (But not horror movies - I'm too chicken)

    • Anything that improves my knowledge to make people's life better.

    • Bible, The Secret

    • I'm not a sport guy. I only like to watch final games (championships games, world championships games, etc.)

    • Everything (that has the word "love" in it).

    • To be able to "reach" beyond the stars. And on my way there, be able to make better the life of as many people as I can possible can.

    • I have lived at the bottom. I have lived at the top. I fell down. I survived. I picked myself up. - Now, I am on my way up. But not to the top. I am on my way up to this place beyond the stars.

    • On a Journey to keep my life in Love, around Love, for Love, to simply make people's life better.