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    April 25, 2007





  • About Me

    • | English | Brazilian Percussionist dedicated to traditional percussion for the past 17 years and gifted with a very unique technique, Cyer G. is nowadays one of the most wanted percussionists in Portugal. He has played in every main club in Portugal, France, England, Germany and Spain along these years. Between the years 2009 and 2010, Cyer G. also had a partnership contract with LP, a world wide renown percussion instruments factory. Cyer G. has repeatedly created a classic act on stage, always keeping the energy high and achieving exceptional interaction with the public. His LIVE ACT is really electrifying. It’s a spectacle that elevates his DJ selections, adding to it amazing visual elements. He combines rare percussion instruments such as the BERIMBAU (instrument used in the Brazilian martial art Capoeira) to home-made instruments,RAIN STICKS and AFRICAN DRUMS with CUBAN CONGAS. The variety of instruments that Cyer G. includes in his performance makes him a musical and percussion artist who is out of the ordinary.