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  • Mowrad Rownak


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    I am straight (like an arrow, or a missile even)

    December 18, 2004



    English, العربية, Français

    Caucasian/White, Middle Eastern



  • About Me

    • jazz, classical, instrumental, ambience

    • SouthPark, Arby 'n' The Chief, RAW IS WAR, The Office (esp. the British one).

    • martial arts (Muay Boran, Ninjutsu, Wing Chun), swimming, strength-training.

    • 1) life-systems (via philosophy, nature, planning, technology, yoga, nutrition, martial-arts, sports). 2) internet-marketing (via social-media marketing, blogging, interactive multimedia and online courses). 3) security: in life (via philosophy, strategy, and technique) and technology (system admin, network admin, web admin).

    • 3LA Net (more at

    • allz 8]

    • When you know me you will find that I am genuinely and universally thoughtful, kind, friendly, energetic, well ordered, tech-savvy, very health conscious, and quite awesome really ;P ----------- Sure I can be nice, soft spoken, super organized, and gentle, but I am NOT gay 8@





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