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  • Meg H


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    February 24, 2007



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    • Well, whats there to say. I was born and raised in wycombe which is west of london. Im the youngest child which is by far the most horrible thing to deal with at times. I can dish out alot of advise but never take it. There are things that I would think are funny only because it happened to someone else, but if it ever happened to me I would probably go mad. I believe strongly in pay back. Letting people screw you over is just lazy and uncreative. Trash talking is one of my strong points. I am a sore winner and a horrible sore loser. If its an individual sport game, I didnt lose, I just ran out of time and if it involves team effort, Ill blame everyone else 110%, no matter how many penalties or fouls I had during the game or how poorly I played. Im a horrible cook so dont ever ask me 2 cook 4 u.Anyone that knows me will tell you that if I dont like you, you would know it, Its part of my bitch attitude

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