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    (self employed) Limo , Dry Clean Carpet's

    February 28, 2008






    Savannah High School '78

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    • old rock

    • any allmost

    • Bushy Mustach

    • Fun,Pleasure

    • I smoke,I drink,I cuss,I toke,I am broke,but be happy i am.

    • Long Hair

    • Fun,Pleasure

    • Pain

    • Sky dive,Scuba dive,Deep sea fishing(with out riggers down riggers and a fighting chair for big game type fish)

    • New York

    • Left N.Y. at 15 and been on my own since.Joined the army to see the world and get a trade,neither happened.Basic and A.I.T. in Ga. along with first,second and third party station.Yea i saw the world allrite,looked peachy to me,LOL.Lived in florida for 25 or so years.After my mother who lived in florida passed away in 09 i moved to vegas.Like it here tho dont have the money it takes to enjoy all the shows and all there is to see.