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  • **ashley** aka: LiL Cr3aM


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    roses butterflies

    *I wAnNa SeE yOuR pEaCoCk CoCk CoCk*

    August 6, 2009






  • About Me

    • i listen to a lil bit of everyting. rock, pop, and mostly rap:)

    • hmmmm the notebook, tenacious d, transformers, idk, scarey action love comedy.........diff kinds:)

    • real chance of love, i love new york, i love money, stupid shows like that lol

    • does it look like i read??

    • i like to watch football :D

    • just ask me :))

    • ummmmm i'll get back to you on that :))

    • some people say i have nice lips & a big ass lol um......okie dokes....if thats wut they say hhaaha, people also telll me i have a great personality:))

    • im kinda ditzy sometimes, i get along well with others, smarrt, funny, easy to get along with, friendly, and im sweet to u if u sweet to me:))) lol

    • i HATE liars, cheaters, guys who are full of themselves, play w/ ur heart:( assholes... i had to put up w/ to many of them)....drama gets old hahahaha

    • immaturity, smart-ass comments, rude behavior....GUYS: most girls dont like it when u constantly ask them out & they continue to tell u no!!! makes u look desperate & girls dont like desperate!!! lmfao