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  • Ms. Shierly francis fernandes

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    Jesus and the little chil

    anderson in 21 day movie bill anderson.

    April 22, 2015



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  • About Me

    • english,hindi,marathi. chines music also.thats good want to know about germen music .am trying to know music in newzeeland g for gelous on beyonce she is good rest all is me iwas 18y when i heared her song and saw her dance.

    • lord of rings ,when will it be god of rings dont mind as i am grandaughter of a god

    • all on romedys and colores

    • god of mine, shoe shine princess ,god father 123456,magic leaf,and many more.

    • india,china,newzeeland, tai kondo as learnt at age 10,11,12.have good level in it

    • i will become a es,writer,acteress,producer.

    • thinking

    • i look good looking but not beautiful so good god

    • iwant to write about mojent and mee .good no planing this story for long its a american indian love story

    • blue,purple,red,pink.

    • st marys high school ,wisdom high school,sunrise english pvt high school,sophia anderson college,kc and hr college of art and law,niit cloud campus for computer.

    • many in real its usal hollli,bolli,eroup,newzee,and china .i me is a germen actress ,model mary amen gb sharkwhale god shierly.long name like my sisters they are like all ane hathay they can hold it.ecept anotherone who is also good looking like me .rest all beautiful.not brought togetheryet we know each other.our life is like a move hers is margarita straw every were and me blue dasiy look same yet different.have brothers also married good once unice eye colour they are good i am away yet they accept me certenly we are foriner and the more we accept it we are liked in india and after all i am a maharastran you know its our base . dont ask for proof .u know movie is gooing on .

    • all veg that too parlicular bav bagi alot most of the marathi food dont like people who want me to eat non card only milk ,shrikandthats good.and apple.

    • i will become a queen in some years .they say as i will let it happen so i am saying it .you know i am god so i say i should be it more.godesss.right now i am nothing.and i want to be a goddess.should i marry ason of goddess.were is he i can understand it hiding like me .and were.

    • komet ,comet,kcomet that to halys.good no in some were 1997,1998.there is many who had a look at it they all are me like it once in 75,76yers.hi to all who look at it .i am in love with it it should marry me.

    • fairy land. yes india ,germeny,china,newzeeland.

    • lilys,zebres,daisys,roses, i lilke flowers this much that iwas working on a shop for two years and more.i know to do all the fresh flower was good ,looking for stating this work on own .everlasters,all fillers,glads and many more.

    • goerg bush,that was good acting of mine.want too act a female role also,fairy many times ,lotes when i was small, and married women many times,angle .they also liked my photo for mary and did it that way and saved me that was the biggest good thing i saw in my life on cell phone .some pray to me.

    • shivaj maharaj, prince andrew, mary anderson ,ophalia lovi she acted good in no strings tied.kavita my school frind who was with me till 9th. i did 9th twice have two say .there was kavita in my other ninth also.

    • loreal,everyuth apple,nirma beauty soap,amul pro,engage spray

    • loreal ,everyuth apple,nirma beauty soap,amul pro,engage spray,ane french

    • i got a boing what you boing to ga boing what a boing tra ga juga aaaaaaaaaaa thuandi a ana what saana shakanda know .dont stop bring back to 140.