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    • LIFESTYLE HELPS SHORT AND LONG TERM by clicking THE BEST WAY YOUR VIRTUES THE 7 VIRTUES OF THE SAMURAI USE FROM A CHILD OF THE MOST REMOTE VILLAGE , THE MOST POWERFUL TO PLANET . SPAIN Samurai侍Personal Coaching It is a method of directing , instructing and training a person or group of them, with the aim of achieving some goal or develop specific skills. Its techniques may include motivational talks , seminars , workshops and supervised practice . The Samurai will teach philosophy and how to make your life and your body language will help improve your spirit and your soul balance and have more confidence in yourself . We'll help you get out of the most difficult situations in your life in those moments when you look and immersed end. Like the samurai used his sword as katana or soul , we teach everything bad anti - life tips . The more quality and balance in life have a better chance of longevity are purchasing from healthy eating and natural living breathing pure oxygen and preventing the evils of this society as stress , depression and anxiety , all of which never appear in the life and philosophy of the samurai easier.