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  • selvynk


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    June 17, 2005



    English, Español - España, हिन्दी




  • About Me

    • Bow Wow or any Clean or Edited Music, Dancehall and Mixtapes

    • Jim Carrey or Any comedy, Sci-Fi and Mystery Shows

    • Dragonball Super, Naruto, Bleach or Any Japanese Anime

    • ebooks

    • Kite Flying, Swimming, Cricket or Scalextric

    • I love travelling, testing software on computer and mobile phone,Playing Video Games like Car Racing and Modern Combat, Virtual DJ and doing Electrical & Astronomy stuff.

    • To travel in Outer Space via NASA, meet my Favorite Hip Hop Artist, BOW WOW, drive a KIA Vehicle and work in the energy sector and do Electrical Enginerring

    • Building Stuff

    • I Hate eating coconut Ice Cream