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  • ♠Vini VaniLLa♣


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    Someone should help him

    Tefuq is dat?

    June 24, 2007



    Ελληνικά, English, Română




  • About Me

    • Metal(Heavy,Power, Death, Thrash), J-Rock, Drum n' Bass, Electro, Dub, Chiptune

    • V for Vendetta, The 300, Ice Age, The Notebook, Amellie, Hachiko

    • Animal PLanet, Discovery Channel, History Channel

    • Love books and History related...

    • Gym, Soccer, Snooker

    • Animals, Drawing, Anime, Sport

    • The best veterinary medic with a nice family :)

    • Triceps :P hahaha

    • Ask me anytime :)