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    This is a place for Players to find other pet players that only play with Active Tagged Accounts. Lets play pets fair and become great tagged Friends!! look for active players and active pets play and have fun buy and get bought earn cash and respect

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Announcement: Welcome to Active Pet Players

I was so tried of playing pet with people how don't play wi…

1 Ashley Thank You ᵝᵉˢᵗᴼʷᶰᵉʳ☞ Ashley Thank You ᵝᵉˢᵗᴼʷᶰᵉʳ☞ Ashley Thank You ᵝᵉˢᵗᴼʷᶰᵉʳ☞ Feb 24, 2010 2:31pm

Announcement: Playing Pet with Active Pets

To all  I play pets that are active.  which means…

1 Ashley Thank You ᵝᵉˢᵗᴼʷᶰᵉʳ☞ Ashley Thank You ᵝᵉˢᵗᴼʷᶰᵉʳ☞ Ashley Thank You ᵝᵉˢᵗᴼʷᶰᵉʳ☞ Feb 27, 2010 10:05am


I need help by pets...I'm loosing my cash

2 DELETED DELETED DELETED Mar 29, 2010 2:28pm

hey need help here

i need some people to buy me  now i need the cash plus…

2 DELETED Averageman__Rick Averageman__Rick Mar 21, 2010 9:12pm


This group is not serious so im pretty much leaving any tim…

2 DELETED DELETED DELETED Apr 6, 2010 5:17am

in need of female slave

Hello, I'm djou dom (architect) . I enjoy humiliation, verb…

1 DELETED DELETED DELETED Oct 3, 2011 5:34pm

buy me!

1 ψ CrisϮiռ@ ψ ψ CrisϮiռ@ ψ ψ CrisϮiռ@ ψ Nov 2, 2011 10:24am


 i need a real crazy horny F know what i need c2c PM …

1 DELETED DELETED DELETED Jan 7, 2012 4:25pm

hello petses

nice to meet u

1 bahi bahi bahi Jan 27, 2012 5:06am


hi,       friend how are you ...?

1 Manoj C Manoj C Manoj C Feb 9, 2012 2:38am

to all my dear petses

buy me as i do , pls

2 Wife sexy E♥wish me♥ 1*APUs K.S.K▲Pets Player▲ K.S.K▲Pets Player▲ Feb 1, 2012 9:45am

!!!...Taking Scammers & Cheaters Pets For A Long Memorable Walk...!!!

Hi   This is Bunnypoeta Speaking, Leader of the (BPR T…

1 DELETED DELETED DELETED Feb 13, 2012 9:21pm



2 ㊣Hamsi Thks ☀♥ᘛ★Daniel F ★ᘚ☀ Radia C Radia C Aug 11, 2011 5:04am

buy me pleaseeee....

to all active pets player...please buy n wish me...lov u al…

1 DELETED £ïɳÐä®╠♥´¨`♥ʍ€ʛä ᾧῗṦḦ & ʀµɳ♥´¨`♥╣ £ïɳÐä®╠♥´¨`♥ʍ€ʛä ᾧῗṦḦ & ʀµɳ♥´¨`♥╣ Mar 16, 2012 1:08pm


how is every body

4 DELETED Sakhr A Sakhr A Feb 20, 2012 10:06am


hello hal yojad ahad hona  

1 Amine Z Amine Z Amine Z Apr 25, 2012 6:02pm



3 DELETED Kawtar K Kawtar K Dec 25, 2011 7:00am

Ok lets play

I buy back my pets as long as I don't run out of money.&nbs…

2 DELETED Jim M Jim M Feb 26, 2012 7:07pm

Hello All

Hi my name as Ashley and I love to Play Pets.  I play …

12 DELETED Ashley Thank You ᵝᵉˢᵗᴼʷᶰᵉʳ☞ Ashley Thank You ᵝᵉˢᵗᴼʷᶰᵉʳ☞ Feb 24, 2010 5:27pm

Hello to all

You can have a lok at my PETS..lots of choice. Bill

1 DELETED DELETED DELETED Dec 6, 2011 4:26am

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