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  • Scammers ARE STUPID!


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    I hate scammers

    October 1, 2008






  • About Me

    • I only have scammers and scam busters on my friends list

    • Finding STUPID scammers/spammers

    • To beat my own record of having over 31 scammers on my friends list. That should be easy cuz you scammers are to stupid to read profiels!!

    • Hiding right in front of the scammers! HAHAHAHA

    • Scammers are so stupid I have so many on my friends list and even post on their comments and they don't know that I do. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • I found a really great way to tag scammer profiles. It is the Pig Busters Forum. They are set up specially for scam busting. They have warning comments with and without sound warnings and also tons of information about scammers. Message me if you would like the link to their site.