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  • Catherina S

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    Sometimes, you need to step outside, clear your head, and remind yourself of who you are and where you wanna be.

    July 22, 2008



    中文 (简体), English, 日本語



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    • Michael Jackson たにむら しんじ (すばる)

    • Audrey Hepburn// The Twilight Saga

    • Prison Break 、Lost

    • Gone with the wind

    • walking\ \hiking\\running

    • Studying foreign languages \\ going to church on Sunday

    • Writing and painting.Ich wünsche mir genügend Zeit, um meine Träüme zu realisieren.

    • Beautiful heart

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    • The millenaire CHINA with its charm, nice people....the medicine traditional, acupuncture, the GREAT WALL