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  • Lacrymosa


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    (‐^▽^‐)Just a random weirdo, move along ☜(ˆ▿ˆc)

    July 4, 2015



    English, Français, Español - México

    Native American



  • About Me

    • Celldweller, Combichrist, Blink-182, Sum 41, Metallica, ACDC, Nightwish, Evanescence, Epica, Adrian Von Ziegler, Cryo Chamber, Good Charlotte.

    • Saw, Resident Evil, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Basically Horror movies....

    • InuYasha, Tokyo Ghoul, Naruto Series, Fairy Tail/ Anime and Real life

    • The Fallen

    • Psychologist ^ ^

    • *shrugs*

    • Drawing & Writing Horror.