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    This group is still Open.. but.. old topics are away.. so we are in a new beginning.. Buy_Pets means - it is the best, for you, to buy pets, or one good pet, when you are online (this way you are a good player and active too).. Be_Active just means be "always" active (in this group or others) someway, sometimes, anytime do something.. Tip: just send messages or be much more.. when you buy "good" pets or be active, daily and weekly, then buyers really want to buy pets from you (they see you're active) or they want to buy "you" - this is really what can happen easily when you "buy one pet or more" etc, so when you are someway little bit more active than before - just be active and buy more pets - just do it to see what happens.. buy good / active pets if you can find them.. cheap (active/good) pets are a good way to start to play again - little more.. this way you can buy many pets easily.. good pets sell well.. and you get more game-cash... $$

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